Since obtaining its toggle clamp patent in 1936, DESTACO has been committed to meeting the changing needs of its customers through continuous improvement and development of clamping products and services. Today, DeStaCoClampstore.com offer a complete selection of manually and pneumatically-operated jig & fixture toggle style clamps, various types of special clamps, and a line of advanced StrongHold hydraulic clamps - all of them backed by full-service manufacturer's support. Our units take full advantage of both material strength and engineered design to provide dependable clamping devices with maximum durability and accurate repeatability.


About 500 different standard toggle clamps and clamping systems in four main groups are available to suit nearly any application requirement. All styles are designed and manufactured to high quality standards and tested for reliable, long-term operation in the plant environment. The clamps also reflect DeStaCo's emphasis on customer satisfaction, with features such as ergonomically designed handles for operator comfort, and different handle configurations to accommodate specific customer space requirements.


DE-STA-CO not only supports its customers with advanced engineering, products and systems, it is also committed to the industries it serves by membership and participation in organizations including SME, STAFDA, ASMMA, IDA, NAM and NWSA.